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Beyoncé is serving up more “Lemonade” life lessons

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Photo: Instagram/@beyonce

A 600-page book packed with all things Beyoncé might sound too good to be true, but luckily for members of the Beyhive, it’s actually coming.

The musician gave the world a serious dose of life advice when she released her visual album, Lemonade, last year, and now she’s back with a coffee table book that’s about to become your bible on trusting your intuition and building healthy relationships. The aptly named How to Make Lemonade might as well be called How to Be a Badass: 101.

It’s about to become your bible on trusting your intuition and building healthy relationships.

The tome includes stunning never-before-seen photos, Bey’s sources of inspiration, some of her personal writing and lyrics, and exactly how she turned Lemonade into such a powerful message to the world.

While a lot of this book is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Lemonade, it’s also a great source to look to when you need a boost of confidence from a woman whose music is all about empowerment and owning your life (even if that reminder is going to cost you, *cough*, $300).

For some free Bey-spiration, check her take on the 6 stages of a SoulCycle class. And after you take a spin of your own, whip up one of these recipes from the trainer who inspired the star to go vegan.