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Bija Yoga: New York City’s newest yoga studio opens tonight

Bija yoga
Bija Yoga's 50-mat studio opens today

Today another yoga studio is opening its doors—making it the city’s one-millionth? Bija Yoga, which means “seed” in Sanskrit, is a stone’s throw from many of the city’s most established studios in Union Square. How will it stand apart?

Founder and yoga instructor Veronica Perretti says the 50-mat studio in Union Square is counting on community feel (hence a sweetly decked out sitting area scattered with floor pillows, free tea, and a small boutique) and access to top teachers to lure yogis inside.

Veronica Perretti
Bija's Veronica Perretti

Perretti has studied with Seane Corn, as well as several star New York City teachers, many of whom she’s recruited to teach two-hour Saturday Sadhana sessions ($25) at Bija. Pure Yoga’s Marco Rojas, YogaWorks’ Sarah Bell, Exhale’s Nixa De Bellis, and Sankalpah’s Isaac Peña have already signed on.

During the week, the alignment-based Vinyasa classes ($20), which come in three levels, will share the schedule with twice-weekly meditation classes, monthly yogic studies, and Kirtan sessions. “We’re creating a family here,” says Perretti.

Bija’s Grand Opening Party is tonight (open to the public), Thursday, October 6 at 7:30 p.m.

20 E. 17th St., 2nd fl., btwn. Fifth Ave. and Broadway, Union Square,