Bike to work? Transportation Alternatives launches a Commuter Challenge

Transportation Alternatives wants you to rally your sick-of-the-subway colleagues together and try biking to work together for a week, in honor of Bike Month.
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Bike Month is almost upon us, and New York is crazier than ever about cycling. Even the long-awaited CitiBike program is finally about to debut.

But Transportation Alternatives, the non-profit that advocates for cyclists in New York and runs the biking hub, isn’t satisfied. They’re staging the “Business Commuter Challenge” to encourage even more city workers (and their cubical mates) to pedal to their offices, lofts, and studios.

“We want to raise awareness of how easy and healthy and safe it is to bike to work in New York now,” says Samantha Dodds, the organization’s membership manager.

The challenge kicks off on Monday, May 13 with a breakfast at Bicycle Habitat in Chelsea and runs through May 17, the official, national Bike to Work Day (more on that later).

The structure of the Business Commuter Challenge competition is simple: Employees at participating companies simply log how many times they bike to and from work during that week, and Transportation Alternatives ranks them at the end based on the percentage of commutes in the office that took place on bikes. And companies only compete against other businesses of similar size—so your tiny start-up won’t do battle with giant investment banks.

So far, lots of high profile offices are signing up to cycle, including Google, Etsy, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Prizes include Vita Coco, Kind bars, and a grand prize of permanent bike parking installed at your office—so you’ll be inspired to keep up your new commute after May is through. —Lisa Elaine Held

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