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Between the hustle of your end-of-year activities and the fact that it looks like midnight outside at 5 p.m. (thanks, daylight savings time), it’s easy to feel rundown this time of year.

That’s why it’s important to prioritize your immune system. One way to do so? Taking a daily probiotic—or more specifically, BIOHM Immunity, a probiotic with vitamin C.

The gut-friendly supplement packs 150 mg of the vitamin, which can help maintain your body’s optimal immune function. Plus, every BIOHM probiotic booster is designed to aid in balancing your gut’s total microbiome of bacteria and fungi, which could keep your digestion on point, too.

And even though it’s a smart addition in colder months, amping up your immunity is a good project to tackle year-round. Just consider it your supplement one-two punch.


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