Blueprint debuts an app to help you cleanse and find green juices

The juice company's newest product isn't potable, it's digital.
BluePrint App
Screenshots of the BluePrint App


BluePrint’s newest product isn’t potable—it’s an app.

The pioneering juice and cleanse company debuted the (free) app this week, and its main focus is to “hold your hand” while you’re cleansing. “Our customers always tell us what they think will really help them navigate a cleanse—a juice reminder, tips to stay hydrated, food suggestions pre- or post-cleanse, the list goes on,” say founders Erica Huss and Zoe Sakoutis. “We thought an app would be the perfect complement to the BluePrintCleanse experience.”

So, if you’re committing to just juice for a few days, you can tell the app when you’re going to bed and waking up and it’ll give you reminders to drink up throughout the day. Plus, there are inspirational quotes and images for any I-need-a-burger moments, and recipes to help you stick to clean eating afterward. And if you’re more of a green-juice-a-day person, it also includes a feature that allows you to find the nearest BluePrint juice by zip code.

While BluePrint is staying ahead of most of the larger juice brands on the scene with the launch, Suja also launched a similar app recently, and some smaller brands, like O2 Living, have them, too. Soon, they’ll most likely be as common as the kale-apple-lemon-ginger combo. —Lisa Elaine Held

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