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Think about the last time you played a board game: You were probably surrounded by friends, and maybe someone was a bad sport for half a second after losing (hey, things can get intense!). But for the most part, having a quiet night in is good for both entertainment and the soul.

Even though board games are just that—games—they still have the power to teach you valuable life lessons when you’re well past the point of playing Candy Land with your parents. Not only are you sitting in the same room as other people, away from your phone and other technology—AKA a very rare occurrence in this day and age—but you’re also sharing an experience, Annaliese Griffin—editor-in-chief of Brooklyn Based magazine who admits she travels “in some fairly nerdy circles”—argues in Quartz.

Board games also let you experience conflict in a non-threatening environment, teaching you how to be a nicer, more respectful person.

Since isolation has been linked to depression and anxiety, togetherness that comes courtesy of a game of Scrabble brings some major positive vibes into your life and allows you to build a stronger connections with your peers. Board games also let you experience conflict in a non-threatening environment, Griffin says, teaching you how to be a nicer, more respectful person—a skill that easily translates from a game night with friends to real-life scenarios.

Blocking out some time in your schedule to spend the night laughing over Settlers of Catan or Cards Against Humanity with friends is an act of self-care not even the most invigorating face mask can top. (Okay, fine, it’s a close call.) Everyone’s a winner in the end, no matter what the final score is.

Here’s why #squadcare might be the new self-care you’ve been waiting for. And when you need a little time alone, put Jennifer Aniston’s advice to use.