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Nivea is paying a 1 million-dollar fine for their bogus claim that a chemical-packed lotion can make you thinner. Let this be a lesson to all beauty companies.

slimming cream bogusBy Alexandra Spunt for

Sure, it’s pocket change to them, but we’re not mad that the makers of Nivea are paying nearly a million bucks to settle charges brought against them by the FTC.

The accusation: Nivea seemed to be saying that repeated use of their My Silhouette! body cream would actually result in weight loss. Along with paying, they promise not to do that anymore.

According to the FTC site, in one of their television ads a woman is seen rubbing the cream on her stomach and thighs—she then reaches into the back of her closet only to discover that she can now fit into an old pair of jeans.

The voice-over says: “New Nivea My Silhouette! with Bio-Slim Complex helps redefine the appearance of your silhouette and noticeably firm skin in just four weeks. So you can rediscover your favorite jeans. And how they still get his attention. New Nivea My Silhouette! with Bio-Slim Complex. Touch and be touched.” But…

“The real skinny on weight loss is that no cream is going to help you fit into your jeans,” said FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz.

What’s lurking in the faux-miracle cream? Read more to find out…