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Brooke BurkeBy Kate Hahn for

“I like improvising. When things go wrong, you can make them work, and great moments are created. It’s thrilling; it’s exciting; it’s adrenaline.”

Brooke Burke-Charvet is talking about the rush she gets on Dancing with the Stars, the live megahit she has cohosted (oh, those fit-like-a-glove gowns!) since 2010, two years after she won the celebrity dance contest’s glittering Mirror Ball Trophy. But embracing whatever life throws at her is clearly how the 40 year old prefers it.

Not all the challenges of her life have occurred at work. She took an emotional risk when she ended her marriage to plastic surgeon Garth Fisher in 2005. By then, the couple had two daughters, Neriah, 12, and Sierra, now 10. Brooke found love again, however, with an old flame, former Baywatch star David Charvet. After having two children together—daughter Rain, age 5, and son Shaya, 4—they married in 2011.

Now Burke-Charvet is more likely to be found toggling between car pools and conference calls for one of her two online businesses—product site and advice portal We sat down for a chat as DWTS sashayed toward its 14th season finale.

Keep reading to find out how often Burke hits the gym, what her favorite workouts are, and why she thinks being 40 is better than being 30…

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