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Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp, June 15th, Workout With Well+Good

On June 15th we take our free Workout With Us series outside with the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp!

Ariane Hundt, the creator and founder of the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp, has been featured on every local news station and publication. If Sex in the City were still around, no doubt Carrie would come downtown and try it.

Hundt will lead Well+Good readers on a one-hour boot camp that uses the Brooklyn Bridge as a jungle gym and running track. Be prepared to jog across the bridge and back (2.2 miles total) while stopping intermittently to strengthen your entire body using resistance bands and your own body weight. Eat a substantial, slow-burn lunch; this boot camp burns off at least 800 calories.

When: June 15th at 7:00-8:00 p.m. (Check in at 6:45.)

Where: The Manhattan-side entrance ramp to the Brooklyn Bridge (little park area across the street from 4, 5, 6 trains)

Cost: It’s free for Well+Good readers. Karmic penalty for no-shows!

What to bring: NOTHING! Seriously there is no coat check on the bridge, so come ready to workout with a bottle of water and keys tied to your shoes.

RSVP: Class size is limited for personal butt-kicking from Ariane. So reserve now at [email protected]