Brooklyn is going full-moon mad with cool events this weekend

full_moon_brooklyn3In Traditional Chinese medicine, full moons tip the balance toward active yang energy (as opposed to the yin energy of stillness and silence)—which may be why full moons are known for being a bit crazy. But two New York City events this weekend are designed to take the high-voltage energy and turn it into blissed-out balance—in a social way.

Desiree Pais, the meditation and yoga instructor (and founder of Benshen natural beauty products), will hold a Kundalini yoga and meditation workshop ($30) Sunday night at Sangha Yoga Shala in Williamsburg.

And in Gowanus on Saturday, Brooklyn Acupuncture Project is hosting a full moon acupuncture sound bath ($37), with Project founder Serra Chase performing acupuncture and Lev Natan creating a super-soundscape using didgeridoo, singing bowls, tuning forks, and chimes.

“To balance yin and yang, you want to go inward during a full moon, to balance out the active energy,” Chase says. “It’s good for all that yang chi from a full moon to be channeled in a good way.” —Erin Hanafy


Full Moon Acupuncture Sound Bath, 5–7 p.m. January 23, Brooklyn Acupuncture Project, 530 3rd Avenue, Suite 5R, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Full Moon Gathering with Desiree Pais, 8:30–10 p.m. January 24, Sangha Yoga Shala, 107 North 3rd Street #3E, Brooklyn, NY 11211

(Photos: Unsplash; Desiree Pais)




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