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Brooklyn’s Eat hosts another silent dinner—this time with yoga

A three-course meal that extends the bliss of yoga silence beyond your mat.
Eat Greenpoint
(Photo: Eat Greenpoint)


Greenpoint’s Eat made waves when it introduced 90-minute silent dinners as special events in September. Now, the Brooklyn restaurant is doing it again, this time with an extra course: yoga.

On Monday, December 16, Eat is hosting an hour-long yoga class followed by a three-course meal, no talking allowed. The event is in partnership with Pop Up Yoga, and it’s a natural collaboration since the original silence-is-golden meals were inspired by Eat’s event planner Nicholas Nauman’s time at a Buddhist monastery in India.

“I thought that a silent dinner followed by a yoga class would be an excellent way to bring awareness to how our environment affects us, how we treat our environment, and to bring mindfulness to what we put in our bodies,” says Pop Up Yoga founder Angelica Olstad, who says she’s hoping her yogi followers will discover a deeper mind-body experience that extends off their mats.

And hey, even if you’re attached to the lively banter that usually comes with enjoying a farm-to-table meal out (guilty!), it certainly is a time of year when escaping the noise may not be a bad idea. —Lisa Elaine Held

124 Meserole Ave., Greenpoint, Brooklyn; Monday, December 16, 7:30 p.m., $40, email [email protected] to sign up