Brooklyn’s Wythe Hotel is hosting a “gong bath” sleepover party

Forget fine dining, rooftop bar mingling, or the high-thread-count sheets. How about all-night sound vibration meditation in a sleeping bag?

Wythe Gong Bath 2

Forget an evening of fine dining, rooftop bar mingling, and tucking yourself into a king-size bed with Manhattan views.

Brooklyn’s Wythe Hotel is hosting a “gong bath” sleepover party, where instead you’ll roll out your sleeping bag and snuggle up for a long night of soaking up good vibrations. (No water is actually involved.)

The event, “Tonight I am a Ceremonial Dagger,” takes place between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m this Friday, April 11, with a performance by Propheta (Paramatma Siri Sadhana) and Kid Millions percussionist John Colpitts, followed by “all night gong” while you sleep (or try to).

Gongs are ancient tools, used in various yoga and meditation traditions, that use sound waves to create a state of “effortless meditation” that’s said to lead to deep relaxation, healing, and the tapping of a deeper consciousness.

“The gong is the greatest healing instrument for the subconscious mind and creates a sacred geometrical template in the subconscious/conscious minds and in the nervous system,”says Siri Sadhana, who teaches yoga and meditation at Golden Bridge Yoga in Soho and often hosts overnight gong baths. (They’re apparently more common than you’d expect.)

“The inspiration behind the event is to bring a deep Kundalini sound-current experience to New York City visionaries and creatives,” she says.

Sounds pretty trippy, but the invite strongly discourages adding any substances to the experience (“For the best experience, please do not have any intoxicants (drink/drug/smoke) beforehand.”), so no stopping at Output on the way there. —Lisa Elaine Held

For more information and tickets, click here

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