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Bucking budget fitness: A new gym for upscale clients and their trainers

While Equinox tries out the no-frills concept with Blink, a former club manager debuts the upscale Titan Fitness Studios, a personal-training-only gym.
Titan Fitness Studios
You won't find lines of bikes or stair masters at this sparse, modern studio

Equinox went no-frills when it opened its newest outpost, Blink Fitness. But one of its former club managers, Wally Oldham, is taking a leap in the opposite direction with his new personal-training-only facility, Titan Fitness Studios.

Oldham officially debuted his modern, amenity-filled gym (they’ll even wash your dirty laundry!) on 25th Street in Chelsea in January, hoping to attract New Yorkers looking for better ways to spend their fitness dollars. “More people want privacy and less distractions,” he said. And clients report that when they’re not swinging kettlebells during a packed 6 p.m. class, their workouts aren’t just more focused, they’re harder, says Oldham.

The concept is: No rows of treadmills, no group classes—just customized trainer-led workouts.

Wally Oldham
Wally Oldham of Titan Fitness

The space is stocked with cardio equipment, free weights, and resistance bands, and a 15-yard AstroTurf lawn—complete with hurdles, medicine balls, and cardio ropes.

Trainers can bring their existing clients here, or new clients can purchase a package directly from Titan and be assigned a trainer, explains Oldham. “We’re not advocating a specific fitness routine, but there are enough tools for any trainer to do anything they want with a client and be effective.”

But is there really a demand for this kind of service? Oldham says yes, especially among New Yorkers who already workout with a trainer in their apartments, where lunges can treacherously bump up against bookshelves and kettlebells thump on neighbors’ ceilings. —Lisa Elaine Held

Titan Fitness Studios, 164 W. 25th St., 2nd Floor, Chelsea, 212-206-0962,