Get a new summer look with Bumble and bumble.University’s Model Project

Sign up for the Model Call at Bumble and bumble.University and you might be chosen for a totally complimentary hair transformation.


In a city where haircuts can cost upwards of $750 (Sally Hershberger, we’re talking to you), we’ve found our new favorite salon price at Bumble and bumble.University: Free!

As part of the Bumble and bumble.University Model Project, licensed stylists (with a minimum of two years of experience) travel from across the country to continue their training under the tutelage of Bb. Stylists, and they need you and your tresses to support their higher education.

Have you been meaning to do something about your same-old cut since last summer?

Check out to sign up for a Model Call, where your mane will be evaluated to determine if it’s ready for a hair transformation.

Then, after you’re approved, you’ll step into Bb.U Model Project salon for your free styling, haircut, and/or color, and leave with a gorgeous new summer ‘do.  And don’t stress about leaving a tip—they won’t even let you!

To find out if you’re a candidate for the Model Project, please fill out this questionnaire.

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