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Photo: Stocksy/Sara Remington

There are some pretty clear dos and don’ts of puppy parenting: Do dress up your dog for Halloween, don’t feed it chocolate, and maybe let it sleep in your bed. But should you feed your dog Thanksgiving leftovers? The answer is not so clear.

Most days of the year this isn’t really an issue—your dog has it’s own pumpkin spice treat to snack on, after all! But on Thanksgiving, you might feel the urge to give in to those puppy-dog eyes staring up at you and let your pooch snack on the dinner scraps. But before you clear a space at the table, consider the advice of Ann Hohenhaus, DVM, of the Animal Medical Center.

Dogs should stay away from “high-fat dishes, such as gravy or sausage stuffing, which can provoke an episode of painful pancreatitis.” — Ann Hohenhaus, DVM

Dogs should stay away from “high-fat dishes, such as gravy or sausage stuffing, which can provoke an episode of painful pancreatitis,” she says. And chocolate is obviously a no-no. “It’s very toxic to their system and may cause vomiting, diarrhea, and hyperactivity.”

There are some less obvious foods to avoid, too, like raisins and grapes (which are common to fruit salad and stuffing), as Dr. Hohenhaus says they can lead to kidney problems.

So what can your pet indulge in? “A spoonful each of nice white meat turkey, mashed potatoes, even sweet potatoes, without pats of butter, nuts, or marshmallows,” she says. “If dessert includes fresh fruit, you can give your dog a few apple slices.”

Of course you want your furry BFF to have the best holiday ever, but make sure to do so with its health in mind. And, if you’d like to see additional info, refer to the ASPCA’s detailed cheat sheet.

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