Can the right salad help you get pregnant?

The Yinova Center's new nutritional counselor wants to teach you how to make a salad that fits your fertility type.

We’re not saying you’ll get knocked up at your next lunch trip to Chop’t, but your salad could help boost your fertility, says private chef and health coach Carlin Greenstein. She just joined the team at the YinOva Center, the New York City hot spot for acupuncture and wellness, where she’ll be offering practical nutritional counseling to the center’s clients, many of whom are being treated with acupuncture and Chinese medicine for fertility and reproductive issues.

Carlin Greenstein
Carlin Greenstein: “I really believe in tailoring peoples food regimens around their needs.”

Specifically, she’s using YinOva founder Jill Blakeway’s five fertility types (outlined in her book, Making Babies) to design nutrition plans and menus that serve women on their path towards pregnancy.

And, on May 16, the center is hosting “Five Salads for Five Types,” an event where Greenstein will discuss the nutrition needs for each fertility type and how to create the perfect salad for yours. (You can take a quiz to learn your type, here).

Greenstein shared some Cliff Notes on the salad recipes she’ll be dishing on at the event:

1. Type: Dry. This type tends to be dry, hot, and dehydrated. Greenstein recommends a spiced roasted sweet potato salad with baby spinach, haricot vert, and toasted walnuts, with a sheep’s milk yogurt dressing. “Dry types are often thirsty, and the sweet potatoes are moistening and lubricating, as is the sheep’s milk yogurt,” she says.

2. Type: Pale. Pale types tend to be undernourished, so Greenstein aims to provide them with hearty doses of protein. Their perfect salad? Roasted chicken salad with cucumber, radish, arugula, grainy mustard, and capers.

3. Type: Tired. “Tired types tend to feel weak and lethargic and are often cold, with sluggish digestion,” Greenstein explains. She created a quinoa and french lentil salad for them, with asparagus, radish, scallion, and a spicy cumin dressing. The cooked grains and beans help with digestion and the brightness of the raw vegetables with cumin (and a touch of cayenne) add a bright, warming element.

4. Type: Stuck. Those who are stuck tend to be stressed, which can manifest as hormonal shifts and digestive issues. The goal is to create balance in the body, and for this, Greenstein created a raw slaw made with shaved fennel, beets, arugula, and a mint citrus chia dressing. The omega 3s in the chia are great for helping to regulate your cycle.

5. Type: Waterlogged. Waterlogged types battle internal dampness, and Greenstein says they need meals that strike a balance between hydration and dryness. Their ideal salad comes with endives, celery, parsley, wild salmon, and a dill mustard vinaigrette.

“Five Salads for Five Types” is Thursday, May 16, 6:00 p.m. RSVP to the YinOva Center at or 212-533-2255

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