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Even though there’s already a Pinkberry and a 16 Handles on every city block (with a Red Mango just around the corner), another big-box California chain has set its sights on conquering the tart-treat taste buds of calorie-conscious New Yorkers.

In late July or early August, Yogurtland will open its first NYC store on First Avenue at 69th Street, and if all goes well, it plans to add 88 locations in the New York City area over the next five years. (Yes, we said 88!)

Yogurtland is self-serve, like 16 Handles, but it has more in common with Pinkberry. Its flavors are nearly identical—with a few creative exceptions, like the delish-sounding Almond Mindnight Mocha—and its calories are comparable (80–130 per serving).

The main difference is that while Pinkberry uses plain-old sugar, Yogurtland packs its sweet flavors (not the tart ones) with high fructose corn syrup, and no-sugar-added flavors are sweetened with Aspartame.

With so much froyo flowing freely, it seems doubtful that New Yorkers will get excited for a more-processed option.

What do you think? Would you give this newcomer a shot?