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Vh1 jason dundas  healthy food nutrition
Big Morning Buzz host Jason Dundas (pictured here with Well+Good contributor, Jennifer Kass) works out seven days a week. Now that he had us on the show, he'll eat better, too.


On Monday, we brought a fridge full of everyday food items to VH1 for our debut on Big Morning Buzz, the pop-culture channel’s early—but thankfully not-that-early—show.

The topic? Foods you probably have at home that are also healing. Well+Good nutrition contributor and smoothie mixologist Jennifer Kass represented! She educated viewers and healthy-host Jason Dundas on some every day items that can save you a trip to Duane Reade:

Got a sugar headache from that office cupcake you ate? Try an olive!

Is your skin freaking out? Apply full-fat milk or yogurt.

Experiencing allergies? Try ginger.

For more remedies that help with anxiety, insomnia, and dizziness, check out the video now!