Celebrate with us: Well+Good is turning five!


We’re turning five years old! And what better way to celebrate than with you, your fabulous friends, and a healthy dose of giving back?

What’s happened in five years? Allow us to reflect for a moment…

When Well+Good launched in 2010, barres were reserved for ballerinas. Indoor cycling studios hadn’t rolled into every town. Green juice was considered fringe. The word “Paleo” referred to an era, not a diet. Oh, and yoga pants hadn’t yet become the national outfit of choice.

Now wellness has officially become a lifestyle, and every step of the way Well+Good championed and celebrated clean food, hot workouts, and natural beauty.

If Well+Good has inspired or supported your personal wellness revolution, please invite five friends to subscribe to Well+Good.

For each friend who signs up, we’ll donate $1 to Bright Pink.* The empowering non-profit organization that helps young women reduce their risks for breast and ovarian cancer is totally in line with what we’re about.

What are you waiting for? Make five friends’ lives healthier now!

And thank you celebrating five amazing years with us. We’re excited for many more (well+) good times ahead together!

*Donation capped at $3,500

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