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Celebrities may live the glam life—at least according to Instagram—but even they feel the need to reset and detox just like the rest of us.

But, where we may cut out processed sugar or skip checking our phones before bed, celebrities take their R&R a little more seriously.

Cue retreat season. From technology detoxes in tropical European destinations to weeklong trips filled with organic and fresh farm-to-table meals and nature-filled hikes and excursions, celebrities seem to love to go on healthy summer getaways at luxurious retreat centers. And luckily for us, their phones are never too far away to post a stunning Instagram shot. (How else will we know how healthy they actually are?)

Scroll down to learn about the best retreats in the world and the celebs who love them.

Get Started

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Filled with multiple yoga classes a day, wellness professionals from all fields, and beautiful, live music, Wanderlust festivals range between $100 for a day and $500 for a four-day all-access pass. As the newly appointed face of Adidas by Stella McCartney, Karlie Kloss hit the festival in California’s Squaw Valley, where she took a break from her usual high-impact dance cardio workout for daily yoga classes.


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The Golden Door

The focus of this Japanese-inspired California resort is empowerment through fitness classes, spa treatments, and outdoor activities in their 350 acres of greenery. Another major focus is the fresh farm-to-table produce, and even when celebrities don’t partake in a longer retreat, they can pop over to the resort for a quick garden-to-dinner party, a la Lauren Conrad (in her Instagram pic above). Doesn’t get much fresher than a dirt-covered carrot.

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Instagram-famous fashionista Louise Roe also stopped by the famous retreat center for a healthy and delicious farm-to-table meal and a beautiful garden stroll.


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The Ranch at Live Oak

While the Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu, CA, used to be exclusively an intensive weeklong boot camp known for its lack of cellphone service, it has expanded its offerings to include a four-day retreat that focuses on a vegan menu and daily hour-long hikes—to make sure the break from technology packs an extra-healthy punch. In the last six months alone, the four-day retreat has been visited and loved by Rebel Wilson (above) as well as Connie Britton and Jennifer Morrison (below).

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Golden Eye

While it’s no coincidence that the name of this Jamaican resort brings back memories of James Bond—it was originally the home of Ian Fleming, the author of the series—the relaxed vibe feels nothing like a 007 thriller. With a private organic farm that provides all of the fresh produce, as well as fun activities like sunset yoga and SUP in a protected lagoon, this is the perfect healthy and romantic getaway for Hannah Bronfman (above) and her fiance, Brendan Fallis, to escape the hustle and bustle of New York City.


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Parrot Cay by Como

In addition to daily Pilates and yoga in a stunning treehouse-like studio, the Parrot Cay by Como resort in Turks and Caicos also includes a top-of-the-line spa, a gorgeous infinity pool, world-class healers hailing from Bali, and healthy cocktails at its sunken tiki bar, which made it the perfect honeymoon destination for Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello.

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