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Celebrity Life Coach debuts tonight. The inner life version of Celebrity Rehab?

Can Lauren Zander, a top New York City life coach, help Sean Young get her acting career together? A new TV show dramatizes the mess—and potential—of inner life change.
Sean Young Blade Runner Celebrity Life Coach
Sean Young in Blade Runner, before her career went off the rails

We’ve seen a lot of make-believe therapists on TV, like The Sopranos’ Dr. Melfi. And we almost feel like a patient of Gabriel Byrne’s while watching In Treatment. But tonight, we’ll see the first show to profile a life coach in action—and it won’t be an actor.

Lauren Zander, founder of the Handel Group, stars as herself in the premiere episode of Celebrity Life Coach on the Biography channel.

On display will be the no-nonsense Handel Method Zander created and uses on her New York City clients, who range from yogi celebs and corporate types to Well+Good readers. In fact, because we’ve had a taste of the top-to-toe personal integrity and accountability model that Zander created, it’ll be something to see her whip actress Sean Young into shape.

Celebrity Life Coach Lauren Zander Handel Group
New York City's Lauren Zander offers celebrity rehab of a different stripe

Let’s hope this form of celebrity rehab works for poor Razzie-Award–winner Young, who starred in Blade Runner, Dune, and No Way Out, then really screwed up her career by pissing off directors, harassing co-stars (like James Woods), and pulling stunts like dressing up as Cat Woman to land a part in the new Batman movie.

What was Young’s problem? “Sean, like so many people, blamed the world and other people for why their dreams weren’t happening,” says Zander. “In our working together, Sean truly realized she was the one responsible for many of the bumps in her career. And I am thrilled to say, she has truly stopped playing the victim and has changed her perception of the way the world works and now I know she can fulfill on her enormous potential.”

Will we have more sympathy for Young as a result of watching her work it out in life-coaching with Zander? It should make for interesting TV either way.

Celebrity Life Coach premieres tonight, Wednesday, December 1, at 10PM

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