The 10 biggest celeb wellness secrets we learned in 2016

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Photo: Instagram/@karliekloss
Sure, they look good—they’re celebrities. But a crop of wellness-loving A-listers made feeling good their top priority in 2016—from eating well  and experimenting with buzzy bevs to weekending at the hottest retreats.

And TBH, it made them all the more likeable—because they were getting just as pumped about boutique fitness, adaptogens, and turmeric lattes as you and I were.

Rewind back to when they favored mindfulness over nightclubs, posted sweaty selfies mid-workout, and became besties with their trainers.

From Blake Lively’s workout to Cameron Diaz’s beauty secrets, scroll down to see the 10 best celebrity wellness moments of the past year.

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Tom Brady and Gisele's healthy recipes
Photo: Instagram/@gisele

1. The healthy recipes that fuel Tom and Gisele

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen once again proved their super(model)-human strength with their plant-based vacation recipes, straight from their personal chef.

Margot Robbie's two-week workout routine
Photo: Instagram/@margotrobbie

2. Margot Robbie’s super speedy Suicide Squad workout

The Aussie actress reminded theater-goers that all you need to whip yourself into shape is some serious dedication and hard work—she did it in two weeks.

Cameron Diaz on beauty and aging
Photo: Cameron Diaz

3. Cameron Diaz announced that getting (and looking) old is awesome

The actress got real when it comes to aging and beauty—releasing a book that changed the discussion around how we look as we grow older. (Hint: It’s pretty revolutionary stuff.)

Miranda Kerr 80/20 diet
Photo: Instagram/@mirandakerr

4. The 80/20 Diet becomes the meal plan of choice for fresh-faced celebs

From Miranda Kerr to Olivia Munn, 2016 was the year that stars decided that, yes, they’d order fries with their (kale) shake.

Lea Michele's SoulCycle schedule
Photo: Instagram/@leamichele

5. Living like a healthy celeb could cost you $400 a day

Thanks to social media, you know how much starlets love to lead a healthy lifestyle. But do you literally know how much it costs? We ran the numbers—and you might be surprised by the money they’re actually spending, all in the name of wellness.

Kate Hudson's rules for self-love
Photo: Instagram/@katehudson

6. Kate Hudson declared that the best rom-com is one where you fall for…yourself

In her book Pretty Happy, released earlier this year, the actress breaks down her simple (and surprisingly relatable) rules for loving your body—and yourself.

Karlie Kloss dance cardio workout
Photo: Instagram/@karliekloss

7. The Karlie Kloss workout is basically one big dance party

Want to work out like a supermodel? Dance cardio queen (and personal trainer) Anna Kaiser showed Well+Good the moves that Kloss swears by.

Jennifer Aniston's beauty and fitness routines
Photo: Jennifer Aniston/Living Proof

8. Jennifer Aniston swears by this workout-detox combo

The actress revealed her fitness and beauty obsessions, because that’s what—ahem—friends are for.

Black Lively's gluten-free movie diet
Photo: Instagram/@blakelively

9. Blake Lively said that soy—not sugar—is the enemy

When working to get in shape for her bikini-clad role in The Shallows, the mom of two made some surprising diet choices.

JLo's butt moves and workout
Photo: Instagram/@jlo

10. The butt-sculpting workout that Jennifer Lopez does on the reg

The multi-hyphenate has been crushing the game for over 20 years—and perfecting a certain asset of hers for just as long. If you’ve enviously watched her in awe, you’re finally in luck—we got her go-to butt workout, straight from her trainer.

And this doesn’t even scratch the surface of celeb wellness—find out the craziest things stars do to stay healthy on the road. Or see the out-of-the-box tricks beauty insiders have tried on the quest for clear skin.

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