Celebs pack the RSVP list for the David Lynch Foundation fundraiser

The star wattage behind health causes has never been higher. Just take a look at the guest list for the Lynch Foundation's Transcendental Meditation fundraiser.
Katy Perry and Russell Brand at a TM Event
Katy Perry and Russell Brand at a David Lynch Foundation event (before the breakup)

Whether it’s Jaime Oliver leading the “food revolution” for school children, Jessica Alba recommending natural home- and personal-care products, or Michelle Obama encouraging us to “move,” the star wattage behind health issues has never been higher.

Tonight’s East Hampton fundraiser for The David Lynch Foundation, which aims to bring transcendental meditation to at-risk populations, expects to be no different.

The RSVP list of its recent events includes Russell Simmons, Ellen DeGeneres, Russell Brand, Jerry Seinfeld, Katy Perry…you’d think it was an Oscar party.

The event this evening will have a fundraising component and will lead its star-studded guests in Transcendental Meditation. “The idea of using meditation to address many of society’s chronic ills is relatively new, so the main function of many of our events is educational,” says Bob Roth, the executive director of The David Lynch Foundation, who’s also been teaching TM for 40 years.

The foundation, started by director David Lynch, teaches TM to those who suffer from traumatic stress, a quiet “epidemic,” according to Roth. Research has demonstrated the positive effects TM has combating stress in diverse populations, such as soldiers, school kids, and survivors of domestic violence.

So while the guest list may be rather highbrow, the do-gooder movement is solidly mainstream. —Carla Vass

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