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Padma Lakshmi and Jenny McCarthy
Padma Lakshmi and Jenny McCarthy


You may have heard that Jenny McCarthy picked up yoga and that Christie Brinkley is a dancer. But you probably didn’t know that Padma Lakshmi boxes to stay fit or that Hilary Duff likes to hike.

The four celebrities, who range in age from 23 to 57 (yes, Christie Brinkley is almost 60!), are sharing their wellness practices and fitness routines as part of Danskin’s “Move for Change” initiative, announced today.

Christie Brinkley, DanskinWhile the obvious aim of the campaign is to show Danskin’s Fall line in action on sculpted celeb bods, it does promote mind-body health.

During McCarthy’s workouts, the actor “manifests my determination to make all my dreams come true.” Duff says she sleeps better when she works out.

Danskin will also be donating to four charities hand-picked by the healthy celebs that address worthy causes—from child poverty to breast cancer.

This is a big branding shift for the apparel company known for its dance focus: “Move for Change” marks Danskin’s move into the Lululemon-dominated world of fitness fashion brands with a healthy-lifestyle conscience.

In today’s press release, Danskin’s chief marketing officer, Dari Marder, said, “These amazing women are so inspiring, and we know our consumers will embrace their inspirational tips on fitness, lifestyle and wellness at” Will you? —Lisa Elaine Held