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Cheat Sheet: Advice yogis live by

Yes, they can teach you handstand. But yogis have figured out a lot about life off the mat, too. Here's how they approach food, beauty, and more.
Cristi Christensen, Mind Body Manager and instructor at Exhale Venice (Photo: Cristi Christensen)


Yogis. You know—those people who offer up a smile instead of a glare when someone cuts them off in the subway turnstile line. Ever wonder how they stay so grounded and chill, even in the midst of chaos? Us, too!

Here are the tips we’ve gotten for doing just that, straight from the mouths of star yoga instructors. Some advise on how to wake up feeling grateful every day—others on what to wear to a yoga class or how make a brilliant green juice. All equally important, in our book.

Who knows, after reading these, you might just end up saying a little om under your breath instead of “Jerk!” the next time you’re bumped in that subway line. —Jamie McKillop

1. 9 yogis tell us how they start their day
Some people start their day in a crazed frenzy and the Starbucks line. (New Yorkers.) Others meditate and swim with dolphins. (These yogis.)

2. My Five Beauty Obsessions: Tara Stiles
Slim Calm Sexy yogi Tara Stiles is a “rebel” in the yoga world—and when it comes to her beauty routine. That is, she barely has one. Here she shares her simple picks.

The insatiable Tara Stiles. (Photo: Reebok)
Tara Stiles shares her top natural beauty finds. (Photo: Reebok)

3. 90-Second Interval: Why yogis need strength training with Kristin McGee
The celebrity yogi tackles the controversial topic of strength training for yogis and explains why we shouldn’t fear the resistance band or a few lat pulls.

4. My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Kathryn Budig
The popular nomadic yogi thinks green juice should be a joy to drink, not just a health pursuit. So her recipe is one your taste buds and nutritionist will love.

5. The health practice you might not be doing
More health-conscious women are giving time to a cause—and chalking it up to part of their wellness or yoga lifestyle. Here’s why they say you should, too.

6. My Weekly Workout: Mike Patton
How Yoga Vida founder Mike Patton fits in workouts while running the popular New York yoga studio. We got his weekly workout diary.

7. A top yogi tackles the tough topic of (her own) body image
Beloved yogi Cyndi Lee wanted to call her memoir “I Hate My Body.” But by the time she was done writing it, she’d changed her mind.

8. My Studio Style: Dina Ivas
The New York yoga instructor and former fitness fashion buyer has great taste in workout wear that shows up everywhere she does. Here’s what she’s posing in.

9. Refrigerator Look Book: Ashley Turner
The popular yogi-psychotherapist let us psychoanalyze her fridge. We noted an obsession with greens in all forms plus a proclivity for probiotics.

10. How 9 wellness stars show gratitude
From distributing hugs to handwritten letters instead of texts, these health luminaries tell us how they show thanks. Feel free to follow their lead.

11. Colleen Saidman Yee: Why yoga is great for losing weight
You won’t get tips for dropping 3 pounds in 5 days from Saidman Yee. Instead she explains how to use yoga for weight loss in a way that’s totally holistic.