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Relationships. They’re (ideally) good for your sex life—but maybe not so much for your overall health.

What makes us say that? Hours spent talking over a bottle of Malbec, paired with a big hearty dish of pasta carbonara at the most romantic Italian restaurant in town. Again. And those early morning workouts? Even harder when your beloved is sleeping adorably next to you in bed.

Of course, there are lots of ways to have a healthy relationship (sexercise included), but some of these other tips and ideas for your kitchen and communication might help you out, too.

1. How to date someone who doesn’t care about being healthy
Stop shouting about kale and your spin class. Here are four simple tips on how to make it work with someone who just doesn’t share your healthy passions.

2. Refrigerator Look Book: Dallas and Melissa Hartwig
The Paleo power couple behind “It Starts With Food” has a tray of cubed beef liver in their freezer—and a plan to revamp your unhealthy eating habits.

3. Food and love: How they’re linked in the brain
How your relationship status may be affecting the way you eat.

4. Getting spiritually naked with Meggan Watterson
The new author explains why getting “spiritually naked” means you don’t need a plane ticket to Bali to find your spiritual path or happiness with yourself and others.

5. In bed with body image: How low self-esteem can ruin your sex life
In an era where poor body image plagues many of us, it’s difficult to have a healthy, fulfilling, great sex life. This sex and self-esteem expert is here to help.

6. In relationships, are women more stressed than men?
According to new findings from the American Sociological Association, a long-term marriage curbs men’s drinking, but women actually drink more.

7. Refrigerator Look Book: John and Rachel Mumford
What does the Los Angeles power couple behind Barry’s Bootcamp whip up at home besides post-workout protein smoothies? We sprinted over for a look.

8. Study Hall: Women find healthier, less-stressed men more attractive
A new study published last week suggests that women may be subconsciously attracted to men who are healthier and less-stressed.

9. Maca: Why this superfood has us screaming (in the bedroom)
Its growing popularity as a “vitality enhancer” means Maca is no longer ancient history. The Incan superfood is making its way into many a boyfriend’s smoothie.