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Crossfit dating
From handstand push-ups to hand-in-hand at the altar?

This week we’ll catch you up on the year’s news trends that are making a serious impact on the wellness scene.
Sick of the creeps that abound on OkCupid and at the city’s watering holes? Don’t worry. The love of your life may be hiding in a healthier spot.

Here’s your guide to getting lucky at the gym, in yoga class, or on your meditation cushion.

1. The new hot and sweaty place to meet a mate
CrossFit now rivals the bar scene when it comes to getting a date. We learned how lots of devotees are finding lasting love…while lifting.

2. Is dating your fitness instructor a bad idea?
Is hooking up with your chiseled trainer a strategy for bliss or the first step down a path of studios you’ll never want to set foot in again?

3. New York’s hottest outdoor boot camp dudes
A little exercise eye candy never hurt anyone. And it might even motivate you to work out harder this summer.

4. Can yoga help you get a date?
Yoga can make you lithe and calm, but it can also help you with the wacky world of New York dating, says Brooklyn yoga instructor Daniella Rosales-Friedman.

5. Can’t find love? A little spiritual exploration may help you get there
This generation’s spiritual guides say that finding love doesn’t start in a crowded bar or on It starts with serious inner reflection and meditation.

6. Getting spiritually naked with Meggan Watterson
The new author explains why getting “spiritually naked” means you don’t need a plane ticket to Bali to find your spiritual path or happiness.

Did you catch our Cheat Sheet to the (green) juiciest news we’ve heard all year? And check back tomorrow for our recap of a trend that’s creating serious rumblings.