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Sure, you know your farro from your brown rice, and burpees from bakasana. But what are the next-level tips, tricks, and practices that wellness insiders are doing that your super-busy yet healthy life could be missing?

Here are a few forward-thinking healthy practices that experts (and Well+Good readers) know… —Jamie McKillop

1. Why more wellness experts are putting butter in their coffee
Can a morning latte made with grass-fed butter and fats from coconut oil boost your energy and overall health?

Low energy? You may be B12 deficient.
How to know if you need B12—or more sleep.

2. More women are getting colonics…for great skin
Yes, your bronzer and brightening beauty serums rock. But more and more women are getting a glow—and acne-free skin—from their colonics.

3. The B12 craze: Should you be supplementing?
The latest trendy product around town isn’t a hot handbag. It’s a vitamin. Experts explain if you really need it.

4. Oil pulling: New Yorkers trade Listerine for this Ayurvedic detox method
The centuries-old medicinal mouth-washing ritual has recently resurfaced, and it’s getting a lot of lip service for its health-and-beauty perks.

5. How 8 super-healthy people prevent getting sick
Health and fitness pros share their favorite ways of preventing the seasonal sniffles, from eating mushrooms and popping zinc to abstaining from sugar.

What can honey actually do for your health?
What can honey actually do for your health?

6. Honey: Four surprising ways wellness experts use it
Experts explain how honey does a sweet job as a skin-care treatment, immune-system booster, digestive aid, and more.

7. 9 wellness rules of exceptionally healthy people
What do these exceptionally balanced people know that we don’t? Jim Nicolai, MD., shares the (often simple) practices of uber-healthy people.

8. Tapping: the new way to deal with stress and anxiety?
Nick Ortner has popularized the practice of tapping, a do-anywhere healing method for stress to phobias and pain. We asked the new author just how it works.

9. Ten healthy uses for apple cider vinegar
The ingredient that’s played a starring role in your salad dressing also shines as a health remedy.