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Cheat Sheet: Spirituality and sanity

All the info you need to stay calm, cool, and unfrazzled in any stressful situation—including Thanksgiving with the family.

inner life and changing the world

Let’s face it: no matter how many SoulCycle classes you take or green juices you drink, it can be hard to stay calm, cool, and unfrazzled—especially if you’re a New Yorker.

That’s why looking after your inner life is so important, and spiritual practices among young, harried urbanites have become so popular.

With their ability to turn your focus inward and create a sense of calm and perspective, they’re essential to gracefully handling stressful emotions and situations—Thanksgiving with family, included. Here are some tools we’ll be using…

1. How to love your enemies
Meditation luminary Sharon Salzberg tells us how to deal with loud cellphone talkers to badly behaving exes, and how to love the people you (want to) hate most

2. How to be a happier over-achiever
Workaholics, perfectionists, and the uber-ambitious all suffer from a similar ailment: lack of balance and a whole lot of stress. Here are 7 ways to change that.

3. Stressed out New Yorkers, meet the city’s new meditation labyrinth
Marble Collegiate Church’s new labyrinth uses an age-old meditation method for helping urbanites deal with stress.

4. 5 spiritual workouts that aren’t yoga
These popular fitness classes encourage inner reflection and a good sweat. Ready to offer up a plyometric prayer?

5. Getting spiritually naked with Meggan Watterson
The new author explains why getting “spiritually naked” means you don’t need a plane ticket to Bali to find your spiritual path or happiness.

6. The reason you can’t forgive yourself—and how to change that
Why self forgiveness is such an important part of finding happiness, and what to do if you’re having a hard time finding it.

7. The top 5 meditation teachers who make it easier to sit with yourself
Fidgeting on your meditation pillow—or ignoring it altogether? Meet the teachers who’ll help make meditation less frustrating and more, well, enlightening.

8. 7 positivity practices for skeptics
We tapped several sophisticated spiritual seekers for simple practices that even busy skeptics can use to get happy.

9. The Tapping Solution: A new-agey spiritual technique enters the spotlight
A new film is drawing new attention to Tapping. It’s a new-age technique that promises to banish negative emotions and is getting kudos from wellness celebs.