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A juice fast is one way to cleanse for spring. But our everyday diet and beauty practices are also in need of a little renewal once the sun starts shining and the birdies go back to chirping. Behold five easy ways to spring clean your life—from your pantry to your pores. —Jamie McKillop

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This detoxing body scrub recipe created by Lianna Sugarman of LuliTonix uses three ingredients you’ve likely got in your kitchen to slough your winter skin and start anew.

Chlorophyll: The great detoxer.
Chlorophyll: The great detoxer.

Chlorophyll: The great detoxer
If you remember from science class, chlorophyll’s a pigment that converts that sunlight into energy. Now New Yorkers are shining a light on its health and detox benefits.

Health Practice
Oil pulling: New Yorkers trade Listerine for this Ayurvedic detox method
The centuries-old medicinal mouth-washing ritual has recently resurfaced, and it’s getting a lot of lip service for its health-and-beauty perks. And here’s how to do it.

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Is your diet in need of some spring cleaning? This crop of books from wellness experts and celebs may be just the ticket.

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