The one pregnancy woe that has Chrissy Teigen considering “witchcraft”

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Chrissy Teigen first became publicly known as a model, then later showed off her hosting chops on Lip Sync Battle, and she also became cookbook author. But her current levels of fame seem to correlated with how relatable she is. Sure, parts of celebrity life seem extremely glamorous, but Teigen hasn’t been shy about sharing period skin troubles (same) or why she re-evaluated her relationship with alcohol. And, just yesterday, the expectant mother took to Twitter to share some #realtalk about her pregnancy woes.

The pregnancy itself? Glorious. The extra weight due to growing a human being? Not an issue! Rather, Teigen’s pregnancy-related headache is, well, a headache. After having no luck with magnesium, Tylenol, or iron supplements, she asked her Twitter followers to suggest some remedies.

While I can’t speak to the particular effectiveness of these methods for treating pregnancy-related ailments, the model and mother may want to consider acupressure or a strategic yoga pose (though maybe not aerial this time, Chrissy!).

Teigen has also shared her nuggets of (relatable) wisdom on everything from brow powder to stretch marks

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