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Cindy Barshop introduces the most absurd spa service ever

Completely bare merkins
Full frontal feathers. Not for use with yoga pants, I'm guessing. (Photo:


This week, Cindy Barshop, the Real Housewife of New York known for her Completely Bare hair-removal spas, added a new service to the chainlet’s menu: fur and feather merkins.

We’re not kidding. So after the spa technician waxes off all of your hair, she’ll grab some glue and stick on some fauna-and-forest-inspired fuzz for decoration.

You can choose The Foxy Bikini ($140), which is made of real fox fur (does PETA know?), or The Carnivale Bikini with feathers ($110), burlesque performers, rejoice!

Just what you needed sprouting from your yoga pants or out from under your investor-meeting work outfit! Would you get waxed-and-feathered? Tell us in the Comments, below!

Watch Spa Week cover the merkins with a straight face: