Class Action: B|X at Brick New York

The city's newest box offers "CrossFit lite"—a boot-camp style interval class that dumbs down CrossFit for the noncommittal.
Brick New York
(Photo: Brick New York)

The utterly massive Brick New York (sister gym to Los Angeles’ Brick) joined New York City’s CrossFit scene in August. And unlike most boxes, it doesn’t exclusively offer CrossFit. B|X is basically “CrossFit lite”—a boot-camp style interval class that dumbs down CrossFit for the noncommittal.

After a heated warm-up (ours included suicide sprints, sit-ups, and burpees), you travel from station to station with a partner. At each station, there are two exercises that you complete in an ABA format for an interval. So, for example, at a kettlebell station, we did 30 seconds swing, 30 seconds of sumo squats, 30 seconds swing. When you go through the circuit a second time, you switch to BAB.

Most of the exercises you do are CrossFit-inspired, so don’t expect to hold planks and baby weights. We did (or attempted) pull-ups, lifts on rings, and overhead presses with heavy weights, to name a few. Expect to really push yourself out of your workout comfort zone if this world is new to you.

If it’s totally new to you, however, and you need some advice on how to do a box jump or swing a kettlebell without injury, make sure you ask ahead or during the workout. The class moves quickly and the instructors aren’t beside you the whole time.

The good news is that you’ll have lots of newbie company. Others people in our class were are also just getting their CrossFit feet wet or had never been at all, and it was the deepest sense of camaraderie we’ve felt in a class in a long time. We made a few friends off the bat; it’s no wonder CrossFit is known for its matchmaking powers, too.

Who’s it for: CrossFit newbies, boot-camp devotees looking for a tough, full-body workout

$32, 257 W. 17th St., between Seventh and Eighth Ave., Chelsea,

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