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Class Action: Cross Training at Complete Body Downtown

Complete Body
(Photo: Complete Body Downtown)


Complete Body’s remodeled flagship gym in the Financial District is one of New York City’s most impressive shiny new fitness facilities, with 30,000 square feet of cool equipment like a rock climbing wall and a cycling studio outfitted with a giant projection screen. Plus, amenities like a sauna, steam room, and luxe locker rooms. Ahhh.

And while the company operates a regular gym membership program, it also offers Cross Training (or XT) classes using the boutique fitness model, so you can pop in for small-group sessions a la carte. (It’ll be launching additional classes soon.)

Classes are capped at six, and set up for its attentive trainers to provide motivation and corrections, while a booming playlist that moves from Bruno Mars to Madonna, and your heart-rate monitor tallies your calorie burn via the MyZone system.

The format is loosely structured around the Tabata protocol, so you move from station to station completing exercises in intervals. Moves are functional using body-weight moves and props. Think Bosu burpees, walking planks, kettlebell swings, agility ladder runs, TRX work, and spurts on the rowing machine. Then, class finishes with ab work on a mat and a substantial stretch and cool-down section the team takes seriously. “Our whole philosophy is about the mind-body connection and really taking care of your body,” says group fitness director Laticia Harrell.

Which is not to say they don’t push you—hard. While my heart rate monitor was not specifically calibrated to my height and weight (so it wasn’t 100 percent accurate), it showed that I’d burned more than 900 calories in the 60-minute session. And it didn’t seem that ludicrous based on my level of exhaustion. —Lisa Elaine Held

Who’s it for: Boot camp lovers, functional training fans

Complete Body, 10 Hanover Square, Financial District, New York, $25 for members, $35 for non-members,