Class Action: DMF NYC

Pop-music moves, cheerleading pep, and sense of play pervade this dance cardio workout, created by popular Physique 57 instructor Lindi Duesenberg.


DMF, a dance cardio workout created by popular Physique 57 instructor Lindi Duesenberg, is the most playful, anything-goes member of New York’s dance cardio scene. If Anna Kaiser’s vibe is Shakira music video, and 305 Fitness’ is Miami Night Club, DMF—which stands for Dance Motivation Fitness—is a slumber party dance-off.

Duesenberg leads you through 50 minutes of cardio-intense choreography that can be tricky at times but doesn’t leave anyone in the dark, even the rhythmically challenged.

The moves are mostly dance-based (unlike more athletic moves like jumping jacks) and they change with the song genre. So, during Run DMC, you’ll get into a ’80s hip hop groove, then do Broadway steps to Frank Sinatra, and get to some booty shaking during Beyonce. Expect one cardio rest period, during which you’ll do leg and core work—pulsing in wide squats, for example, and standing oblique crunches.

While many dance cardio instructors share a lineage with Tracy Anderson, who inspired a new era of fitness dance with a cool vibe that doesn’t involve cueing, Duesenberg takes the opposite approach with DMF. Duesenberg acts as your personal cheerleader, even in a class of 25, shouting out names and encouragement, yelling out counts and steps, and motivating the room with her huge smile, peppy energy, and blonde ponytail.

She’ll remind you of Elle Woods, and you’ll want to thank her for making you feel young and giddy while burning calories—maybe by way of scented pink stationary. —Lisa Elaine Held

$25 per class, 305 W. 38th Street, at 8th Ave.,

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