Class Action: Hot Figure 4

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Hot Figure 4
Figure 4 creator Kate Albarelli (left) demonstrates the technique's namesake move


I seriously couldn’t imagine a barre class harder than Figure 4 at Pure Yoga. The 60-minute class is a guaranteed quad-quaker and glute-punisher, even for regulars.

Now the studio’s doing it for 75 minutes and in an 105-degree room, making it the toughest barre class I’ve taken yet. It’s all part of the current vogue of cranking up the heat in every imaginable exercise class. Is Bikram Boxing next? Or Infrared IntenSati?

After debuting as a workshop, Hot Figure 4 hit the primetime schedule this week at Pure East (Pure West doesn’t yet have a hot barre room).

“We had so many hot yoga devotees,” says Kate Albarelli, the creator of Figure 4, “so we wanted to give them an equally Type-A barre class.”

And Type A it is. The intense heat summoned beads of perspiration before my first plié—all the better for going “deeper into the muscle for more strengthening and stretching,” says Albarelli.

I found that Hot Figure 4 combined the targeted lower-body toning I love in the regular class with the cathartic sweat of a hot yoga class. Plus the hot version adds an extra helping of deep stretching. And the studio’s mirrors, which get increasingly steamed up during the class, seem to reflect what’s happening in your body. —Alexia Brue

Who it’s good for: Hot exercise enthusiasts and adventurous barre devotees

Book it or skip it: Book it!

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