Class Action: K Training in Los Angeles

This innovative fitness class uses the Technogym Kinesis Wall, a multifaceted and high-end pulley system.            (Photo: K Training)


K Training (K is short for Kinesis) is a sleek gym in Pacific Palisades that uses the Italian-designed TechnoGym pulley-based equipment for its group fitness classes. It’s an innovation because the pricey workout system, called the Kinesis Wall, is more of a staple in tony resort gyms and celeb homes, where it’s used one-on-one with a trainer. While you can book privates here, for the small group classes everyone gets their own station, and since each is customized for resistance (your bow-and-arrow move is going to be different than the woman or guy next to you), you work at your own training level.

The class is built around functional movements (reaching, squatting, bending) while working on three planes to challenge balance, improve coordination, and develop symmetry. All of these are tucked into a large and sweaty mix of moves—from sports performance drills to yoga and Pilates staples—to optimize muscle confusion.

Sure, you strength train. But do you do it with weighted balls, knees-up drills, all while hooked up by cable to the Technogym Kinesis system? Here you do.    (Photo: K Training)

In my session I ran backwards, forwards, and sideways, lunged every which way, plus did weight training with sandbags—all while hooked up by resistance cable to the Technogym Kinesis Wall, which, as you can imagine, added a layer of major core work.

Also, during the class, my eyes were trained on a screen on the wall, that displayed data from the heart rate monitor I was loaned and wearing. “The heart rate monitoring system is an effective communication tool between the trainer and client,” explains Susan Howard, K Training’s director of membership and lifestyle performance training programs. “The feedback we get allows us to give additional cueing and modifications to keep you in a proper zone of high or low intensity.”

It’s an offering that fits into the trend of boutique studios tapping your data, to give you a quantifiable portrait of your workout. (Your information is aggregated at the end of class and emailed to you, so you can track your progress week to week.)

So while you’ll no doubt be challenged by the class and working against the Kinesis Wall’s resistance, you’ll get an accurate picture of just how hard. —Molly Creedan

Who It’s For: Those looking for sweaty and challenging functional training workouts (group or private) in a high-design setting. Finicky fitness types who prefer the resistance training offered by pulleys over, say, the weight-training of kettlebells and free weights. And high-profile clients who appreciate the “paparazzi free zone.”

K Training, $35 per session, 17351 W. Sunset Blvd, Pacific Palisades, California, 90272

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