Class Action: Modo Flow at Modo Yoga

This heated vinyasa class, offered in New York and across North America, will get you to a sweaty, Zen place with careful cues, encouragement, and music.
(Photo: Modo Yoga NYC)
(Photo: Modo Yoga NYC)


Canadian-based Moksha Yoga has been expanding its global presence over the past couple of years, and it recently changed the name of its international studios to Modo Yoga. But its classes will have a similar feel whether your sweaty warrior pose happens in Toronto or New York’s West Village.

The studio’s signature class is a Bikram-esque 40-posture sequence; Modo Flow is its more, well, flowing version. The room is heated to 98 degrees (hot, but not crazy hot), and for 75 minutes you move through a steady vinyasa to a peaceful yet invigorating playlist, followed by some static postures at the end. It’s not too fast and not too slow, so that breathing in the heat (and a lot of chatarungas) feels challenging but not impossible.

And the brand’s aversion to the rigidity of Bikram’s approach is apparent. You can expect careful, encouraging cues that will help you make subtle changes to postures, and lots of directives to listen to your body rather than to “fight through” a pose. Child’s pose and sipping water when you feel light headed are completely acceptable. Overall, the class feels like a slightly more introspective, Zen version of Prana Power Flow. And Zen (plus soaking wet) is definitely how you’ll feel after. —Lisa Elaine Held

434 Sixth Ave., at 10th St., $20 per class,, or visit for a complete list of studios

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