Class Action: Power Yoga Sculpt at Pure Yoga

This prop-heavy new class is like yoga meets barre meets boot camp.

Pure Yoga

Pure Yoga’s newest class, Power Yoga Sculpt, is the latest entry into the growing yoga-with-weights market. (Think SLT’s Shred and Dirty Yoga’s Heavy.) And the class, designed by Amy Bishop, Amanda Murdock, and Andrea Borrero, doesn’t stop at hand weights—you’ll also use a squeeze ball, a medicine ball, and sliders.

The prop-heavy class is like yoga meets barre meets boot camp lite. Sun salutations get a boost when you grab your hand weights as you lift up into high lunge or do rows and tricep kickbacks while balancing in Warrior III. Note: This makes the heavy number of chaturangas even tougher than usual.

The barre influence is felt in the booty sequences, like holding a ball between your thighs in bridge pose and executing tiny pulses.

And your core will burn like crazy after lots of planks, some of which involve placing your feet on the sliders and moving your legs in and out or piking up. (Just be careful not to slide into your neighbor.)

I ended up super sweaty thanks to the combo platter workout. Yogis looking to add more cardio and toning to their routine are going to get it here.

Who’s it for: Yogis who want to strengthen and tone

Offered Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at Pure East, Upper East Side, and Saturday at Pure West, Upper West Side, free for members,

Non-members can try it out at a Power Yoga Sculpt Boot Camp with Amanda Murdock on June 2. For more information, click here.

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