Class Action: Reinvention Chair at Chaise 23

Enthusiasm for this new workout method, now offered in the Flatiron and the Hamptons, is stoked by its founder Lauren Piskin.
Chaise 23
A Chaise 23 founder Lauren Piskin (at right) at the East Hampton studio

Fitness classes follow fashion. The city’s gyms and studios constantly launch new “It” classes. In Class Action we dish on what we’re trying, or what we really want to. And please tell us what classes you’re excited about in the Comments section, below!

Chaise 23 opened in the Flatiron this past March and then set up shop in the Hamptons just a few months later. The Next-Gen Pilates crowd poured in for the workout, called “the Reinvention Method.” Its biggest enthusiast might be its founder Lauren Piskin, who, at 50, has the energy of a peppy teenager. She’s your afternoon Starbucks.

Class is centered around a modern version of the Pilates Wunda Chair, and bands or “bungees,” which are suspended from the ceiling over it. Piskin first leads you through some light to moderate cardio, with jumping jacks and lots of stepping to the music while you pump the bungees for resistance in and out, up and down.

But the core of the class centers on toning your midsection using the chair. It allows you to go further in exercises like Pike and Teaser, because you’re forced to stabilize and don’t succumb to the inevitable collapsing that occurs on the floor.

You also do chair-specific moves, like standing with one foot on the chair, one foot on the pedal, and lifting and pushing down the pedal while lifting and pushing down the bungees with your arms. There are butt-toning moves too, and the bungees work arm and back muscles throughout the class.

Piskin’s music selection centered on oldies during our class with her in the Hamptons (think Chubby Checker belting “The Twist”), and she bounced around the room constantly bopping to the rhythm, offering corrections, and shouting encouragement, such that class ran over 10 minutes. And tellingly, no one left early.

Who’s it for: Those who cheat during their core work, Pilates-lovers, fitness trend sleuths, cardio-sculpt and barre fans who want to try other forms of toning

Book it or skip it: Book it.

40 East 23rd Street, Flatiron (Single class: $30), and 15 Lumber Lane, East Hampton (Single class: $36),

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