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Class Action: Shredded at David Barton Gym

Lamar Gordon-Holmes walked into the studio with a bag of jump ropes, a smile on his face, and biceps that could chokehold a python. Thus began this interval class.

David Barton Gym

Willing to trade your Cosmo in for some kettlebells but prefer not to? At David Barton Gym, you can have your drink and workout, too. With an in-house bar and a nightclub feel, the only thing missing from the swank Astor Place location is a burly bouncer to keep out the misfits.

But if you’re here for the group fitness classes, especially Shredded, you might want to save the drinks for post-workout. You’ll need every brain cell switched on to keep up with this fast-paced interval class and Lamar Gordon-Holmes, its instructor.

Gordon-Holmes walked into the studio with a bag of jump ropes, a smile on his face, and biceps that could chokehold a python. He put us to work immediately, tossing out the ropes and cranking up the rap music to full blast.

With 30-second intervals of jumping, high knees, and lunges, I broke a sweat by minute five. (Okay, minute three.) If you still think that jump ropes should be left on the playground, you’re missing out on a serious cardio workout.

And then came push-ups, which you do while holding the jump rope, since Gordon-Holmes is way beyond slow transitions. Finally, when we set it down (read: flung it away with vengeance) it was only to pick up weights, which, it turns out, was just the bridge to an agonizing interval series of burpees and abs and arm work.

This was by far the fastest 45 minutes of my day. The class was butt-kicking hard, but Gordon-Holmes’ energy and enthusiasm will spark yours and push you to your limit. —Jenna Holt

Who’s it for: Interval-lovers, music-lovers, sweat-lovers.

Book it or skip it: Book it!

David Barton Gym, 4 Astor Place, East Village,