Class Action: Sky Robics at Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Los Angeles

Sky Zone in Torrance is a giant grid of trampolines (the black areas are the bouncy ones). (Photo: Sky Zone)
Sky Robics
Sky Zone in Torrance is a giant grid of trampolines (the black areas are the bouncy ones). (Photo: Sky Zone)

Any parent in the SoCal area will be familiar with Sky Zone, the indoor trampoline park that seemingly hosts every school age child’s birthday party ever. Or, more specifically, every parent will be familiar with the Parent Lounge at Sky Zone, a refuge from the hysterical, sugar-crazed hordes of sweaty, red-faced jumpers, only emerging when the cake has been served, the party favors distributed, and it’s time to go home.

But it seems those crazy kids might just be onto something. “Trampoline, or rebound, workouts are believed to be the most effective form of exercise for the human body,” says personal trainer, 8th degree black belt, and Sky Robics instructor Rhonda See.

“NASA did an experiment showing that just ten minutes on a trampoline is a better workout than 30 minutes of running. It also avoids putting stress on the joints and can decrease cholesterol levels and blood pressure, increase bone density, and can strengthen your whole body,” says See.

And so I found myself back at Sky Zone in Torrance on a weekday morning wearing a pair of bright orange Sky Socks (basically barre socks with rubber grips on the sole) to take a 60-minute Sky Robics class.

Sky Zone jump
(Photo: Sky Zone)

The facility is a grid of trampolines, so each of us chose our square and started with warm-ups, small bounces to get used to the trampoline after, um, decades off one. Meanwhile regulars were already doing showy-off jumps.

Then we spent the next hour doing moves like Plank Jacks—jumping jacks while in plank position on the trampoline; Jumper’s Pikes—an impossible attempt to jump and touch our toes in mid air; and Pushdowns—a squat in which you push down into the trampoline again, so it acts like a wobble board.

We finished with some rouncing, a mix of running and bouncing (naturally!) where you race up and down the length of the place from trampoline to trampoline bouncing off of the 45-degree trampoline walls. We all left looking ever so slightly like hysterical, sugar-crazed, sweaty, red-faced children. —Rachel Marlowe

Who’s it for: Anyone looking to feel like a kid again and burn close to 1,000 calories to boot.

Sky Zone, $15, 1625 W. 190th St., Gardena, 90248,

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