Class Action: Summer Camp at New York Sports Club

A fun, free workout that's also a return to long summer days, full of outdoor activities, with "volleyball spikes" and "frisbee throws."
Summer Camp
(Photo: New York Sports Club)

Summers aren’t nearly as much fun as an adult. But New York Sports Club wants to help you return to the days when they meant heading off to camp for long days of outdoor sports and activities (or being jealous of the kids who did).

Its new seasonal class, which is free for both members and non-members, is called Summer Camp, and it involves kitschy exercises that mimic the motions used in some of those activities, all done on the green grass (AKA Astroturf) provided by the gym’s functional training UXF Training Zones.

In my session, we did “volleyball spikes” by lifting a medicine ball overhead and slamming it onto the ground, “frisbie twists” with a barbell plate, “water skiing” on the TRX, “surfing” by popping up from plank with hands on an unstable Bosu ball, and, of course, jumping rope. You might also encounter moves like “tug o’ war” with battling ropes, or “SUP,” which involves balancing on an inverted Bosu and “paddling” with a weighted bar. (Do summer camps really have stand-up paddleboarding now?!)

No matter which moves are included, the class is interval-based, so you’ll cycle through the different stations in timed or rep-counting intervals. It all adds up to a tough, functional session that will leave you sweaty (and maybe even sore). And while the concept is more funny than truly innovative, it’s also fun, which is just what summer calls for. Unless, of course, you want to actually work out in the sunshine, which we’d also totally recommend. —Lisa Elaine Held

Classes start the week of June 16, Wednesdays at 1:15 p.m. at NYSC 51st Street and Lexington; Thursdays at 7:15 p.m. at West 73rd St., free for members and non-members,

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