Class Action: Summer Shape-Up at Uplift

Uplift's brand-new class preps you for your bikini—and for all the summer water sports you might doing in it.

Fitness classes follow fashion. The city’s gyms and studios constantly launch new “It” classes. In Class Action we dish on what we’re trying, or what we really want to. And please tell us what classes you’re excited about in the Comments section, below!

Before you hit the water, prep your muscles in the studio.


Uplift’s brand-new Summer Shape-Up class, which launched yesterday, is not just about getting your body ready for a bathing suit; it’s about prepping it for all of the things you might do while wearing it.

Class creator Shannon MacDowell is a Pilates, paddleboarding, and kayaking instructor, and she borrowed moves from each discipline (plus surfing) to design an in-studio workout that builds the arm muscles you’ll need for paddling, and the core strength and balance required to stay upright on any board.

So, for example, we sat on a mat with knees bent, feet on the floor, and twisted side-to-side holding a weighted ball, mimicking kayaking motion while building core strength. We lunged back and forward into a surfer’s stance repeatedly, activating core muscles and glutes, and did bicep curls with free weights while standing on a balance board, learning to stabilize. You’ll also get cardio in, in the form of jumping jacks, burpees, and more.

And MacDowell’s sunny disposition puts you in a summer-fun mood as you sweat. Although, don’t be fooled: she’s still a tough trainer. “You’ll thank me later when you’re in that bikini,” she laughed, pushing us through a second set of burpees. “I’m getting a one-piece!” muttered one class participant, gasping for breath. —Lisa Elaine Held

Who’s it for: Summer-adventure seekers, beach-goers, and core-centric fitness seekers

Book it or skip it: Book it!

Uplift Studios, 24 W. 23rd St. (between Fifth and Sixth Aves.), 2nd Floor, Flatiron, $32,

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