Class Action: Twinsanity at Concrete Fitness

This class at the brand-new Brooklyn fitness studio will leave you seeing double—because of the intensity and because of the identical twins who teach it.
Concrete Fitness
Yes, you are seeing double. And all four of them will make sure you don’t miss a single burpee. (Photo: Sarah Sarway for Well+Good)

A visit to Concrete Fitness will leave you seeing double, and not just because of the all-out effort you’ll put in during cleverly named classes like Breakflex Club, Kettle to the Mettle, or Buns & Guns. (Hee hee.)

Twins and Brooklyn natives David and Mike Chira met partners Marcus and Ashley Derosena—also twins—about 16 years ago, and have been friends ever since. The foursome (plus a third Chira brother, Joe, a silent partner and not a twin) opened the Gravesend training studio in June, building a neighborhood following almost immediately. Their timing couldn’t be better, since the area, formerly known more for its pizza and bagel shops, has been growing into a health and fitness hub for the Sephardic Jewish community, with juice bars, cycling studios, and healthy eateries aplenty.

Twinsanity class at Concrete Fitness
(Photo: Sarah Sarway for Well+Good)

Of course, capturing the loyalty of the super-fit locals took more than cleverly-named classes and big smiles. Their most popular class, Twinsanity, uses the training skills of not one, but two Derosena brothers, who work cohesively to ensure no plank is cut short, no burpee is skipped, and no racerback tank is left dry.

The 60-minute interval training session begins with cardio warm-ups like endless jumping jacks and lunges, followed by plyometric drills, and core-training, including a few new spins on the classic plank. The routine is never the same, they say.

And what really makes the boot camp a rep above the rest is the constant attention that comes with having two trainers. “Having the twins instruct classes together increases the intensity,” says Michael. “They feed off each other’s energy to motivate and keep the intensity of the class at the highest level possible.” That they did. There were tons of grunts and yells, and at one point, the two of them even intensified our wall-sits by placing their own body weight on our knees. Can you say ouch? —Sarah Sarway

Concrete Fitness, 447 Avenue P at E. 3rd Street, Brooklyn, $20 per class,

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