Class Action: Winter Warrior Workout at NYSC

This class inspired by the Olympic Games trains muscles you'll need to for winter sports like skiing and skating—or traversing icy sidewalks.
The Olympic inspired workout is meant to help you maintain balance—on the slopes or on the icy streets.
The Olympics-inspired workout is meant to help you maintain balance—on the slopes or on the icy streets. (Photo: NYSC)


Putting your Winter Olympics Fever to good use (though leaping from the couch over some of the athletes’ ridiculous snowboard tricks can get your heart rate up), New York Sports Club (NYSC) just introduced the Winter Warrior Workout last week.

It’s meant to increase balance and agility necessary for winter sports like skiing and ice-skating (and walking on slick New York sidewalks—eek!). But it’s not all a balancing act: three 12-minute circuits include plyometric and strengthening moves that have you moving quickly and building heat and power.

The first circuit revolves around a Bosu Ball, on which you lunge and squat (using a body bar, or “ski” pole)—scary if you’re not used to your legs shaking like jello, but amazing for cultivating the balance needed for getting on and off those ski lifts.

The next set of moves—jack knives, mountain climbers, sliding lunges—all take place on a glide board (the shoes come off for this one). The sliding lunges are a blast and really let you visualize yourself as a speed skater, sailing back and forth across the board.

Class ends with a warrior pose yoga series (hence the class name), along with hamstring and hip flexor stretches targeting your winter sports muscles.

Try class with NYSC’s star trainer Allison Giardina, a competitive collegiate snowboarder who helped design the workout—she’s got Olympic spirit to (snow) boot. —Jamie McKillop

Who’s it for: Those with Olympic workout fever, people with upcoming ski retreats who want to tone up before hitting the slopes, car-less commuters who want to improve balance to avoid slipping and falling on hidden sheets of sidewalk ice.

Offered at various NYSC locations,


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