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Sapere Studio Classtivity
(Photo: Sapere Studio)


We all know that Brooklyn is the official home of New York’s artisanal food/design/beauty/fashion scene. And the hipster part of the borough isn’t far behind on becoming known for its indie fitness studios.

NSTLgreyteeTo showcase Brooklyn’s burgeoning boutique fitness scene, Classtivity is launching “No Sweat Till Brooklyn” for the month of October.

If you’ve never heard of Classtivity, their $49 Passport hooks you up with 10 workouts at top studios.

How does it work?

Step 1: Sign up for a Classtivity Account.

Step 2: Go to 3 or more classes in Brooklyn and receive this super cute “No Sweat Till Brooklyn” t-shirt.” We promise Marty Markowitz won’t be wearing one.

Manhattanities, don’t freak out: Most of the Brooklyn studios are in Williamsburg, just a 3 minute L-train ride from Union Square.

Check out the list of studios you can visit this month through Classtivity. And throughout the month, Classtivity will be adding even more.

Brooklyn Bodyburn: Climb up on a Megaformer (AKA tricked-out Pilates machine) to use muscles you’ve never isolated before. (Available on ClassPass only.)

Brooklyn Crew: At New York City’s first indoor group-rowing studio, classes are set to music and real crew coaches teach you great form. (Available on ClassPass only.)

CKO Kickboxing: Burn calories and build muscle at an intense kickboxing class that’s known for hitting bags (not just the air) and big results.

Kiki Morris teaching Traditional Tribal Fitness
Kiki Morris teaching Traditional Tribal Fitness

Gallim Dance: Experiment with movement classes—from ballet-inspired to cardio-Caribbean dance that deliver a workout—at this internationally-renowned dance studio.

Human At Ease: Get mind-body balanced here with a variety of classes, from yoga and Tai Chi to Zumba, and a signature strength-training circuit class.

Sapere Studio: A super cool studio, with its own Kinelogica Method, teaches yoga, barre, and modern Pilates classes in a way that focuses on movement and resistance.

SYNCStudio: Dance on your spin bike, sweat it out in boot camp, or stretch out in yoga—each class has its own super-fun twist on the traditional.

Torque Fitness: Try this already-famous indoor-cycling-and-yoga class combo at the uber-modern, brand-new Williamsburg studio.

Traditional Tribal Fitness: Kiki Morris, hailed by the New York Times as one of the best outdoor trainers, leads this outdoor boot camp in McCarren Park.

Y7 Yoga: Hot yoga hipsters love this intimate yoga studio that offers a fun and challenging yoga practice with great music.

Buy your Classtivity Passport and head to Brooklyn now!


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