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Photo: Brittany Makes

It’s easy to get your BFF a gift card to her favorite workout studio or buy your sister a new pair of leggings, but a surefire way to show someone you care is gifting a one-of-a-kind creation that you made all by yourself.

Obviously, whoever’s lucky enough to receive your DIY gift will love it—it came from the heart, after all. And, bonus: Homemade gifts are no longer limited to noodle necklaces and hug “coupons.” (You’re welcome, Mom.) Rather, the following projects are luxe, original, and easy to make—plus, the process of creating them doubles as a holiday de-stresser. It’s a solid win-win.

Gives these 10 DIY gift projects a try—you don’t need to be a crafting pro to master them, promise.

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bath soap
Photo: Paper & Stitch

1. Rose petal bath salts

Put those dried-out flowers in your home to good use. This DIY project combines Epsom salt, sea salt, rose essential oils, and some dried rose petals into the prettiest bath mix.

room spray
Photo: DesignLoveFest

2. Essential oil room spray

There’s no reason to buy expensive room sprays when you can make a totally natural version at home featuring your best-smelling essential oils and dried flowers.

Photo: Vintage Revivals

3. Spray-painted marbled planter

Finding cool planters for cacti and succulents can get super expensive—and that’s exactly why you should DIY them. This marbled version—created with spray paint and water—is sure to be a hit.

Photo: Sugar & Cloth

4. Brushstroke coasters

Everyone can use an arty set of coasters, and it’s hard to beat this brushstroke design that’s created using air-dry clay, acrylic paint, and some matte Mod Podge.

wall hanging
Photo: Brittany Makes

5. Modern gold wall hanging with tassels

The only things you need in order to create this extravagant-looking wall-hanging are twine, macramé cotton cord, brass tubing, clear braiding bands, and a wooden dowel. It may look tricky, but you’ll be surprised by how quickly it comes together.

bath bombs
Photo: Hello Glow

6. Coconut oil bath bombs

Typical bath bombs can cost up to $10, but this at-home version—made with powerhouse ingredients like coconut oil, Epsom salt, baking soda, and almond oil—will give your recipient the most soothing bath ever, for a fraction of the cost.

Photo: DIY Candy

7. Pineapple bookends

Sure, this version features pineapples—but by using the technique behind this genius DIY project, you can basically make bookends from whatever you want.

pompom wall hanging
Photo: Sugar & Cloth

8. Pom-pom wall hanging

Is there a better way to brighten up a room than this colorful—and extra fuzzy!—pom-pom wall hanging? (No, of course not.) Bonus: you’ll love making it just as much as you love giving it.

jewelry dish
Photo: Decor8

9. Copper jewelry dishes

Copper is everywhere right now—and it’s not going away anytime soon. Give someone a trendy jewelry dish with your own personal touch by using some white air-dry clay and a metallic Sharpie or copper leaf.

crystal soap craft
Photo: A Beautiful Mess

10. Crystal soaps

The crystal lover in your life will be immediately obsessed with this homemade soap, made from cosmetic glitter and essential oils. And honestly, the stuff might be too pretty to use.

For more gift-giving inspiration, check out these trendy holiday gift picks from Etsy—plus, what the Well+Good Council members are giving out this year.

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