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No more waving goodbye to your daily sweat sesh when you set sail.
(Photo: Crystal Cruises)

Cruise ships with unlimited buffets and mixed drinks don’t exactly scream wellness. But on your next high-sea vacation, your workout routine will meet you on board.

Crystal Cruises is getting a serious fitness makeover on some of its biggest ships—complete with upscale Technogym equipment and “fitness gardens” with circuit training and outdoor classes on its decks. No more waving goodbye to your daily sweat sesh when you set sail.

Fancy fitness is a splashy trend on big cruises—Royal Caribbean added floating Flywheel studios last fall. And seeing as how Crystal’s packages range from about $3,000, in the Caribbean, to $10,000, per person, across the Indian Ocean, the luxe amenity update seems more on par with the fitness offerings of swish resorts than, say, shuffleboard.

Now, if only your favorite trainers could hop on board. Maybe that’s the next wave of fitness at sea? —Molly Gallagher

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