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Crunch debuts online fitness classes

Now, with Crunch Live, the first major online fitness platform of a national gym brand, anyone with internet service can take the chain's funky fitness classes.
Diesel at Crunch
Crunch’s high-intensity class Diesel will be offered on Crunch Live.


On Monday, Crunch introduced Crunch Live, a digital platform that will bring its colorful collection of classes to the masses on a greater scale.

While there are many online-only “gyms” offering virtual fitness classes and yoga, Crunch Live is the first major online class platform introduced by a large national gym chain.

Its offerings will include many of the brand’s most popular classes, like Yoga Body Sculpt, Barre Assets, Fat Burning Pilates, and Gospel House Aerobics, taught by top instructors—and, in some cases, with real gym members working out in the background. (It pays to dress cute.)

“The Crunch Live website has been designed to reflect the in-gym experience,” said Crunch SVP Christina DeGuardi, in a press release.

Memberships are $9.99 a month, for both the gym’s brick-and-mortar members and Crunch newbies living pretty much anywhere with a decent internet connection. —Lisa Elaine Held 

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